About Kay L'Amour Written by Cenesha Graham

Being born and raised in NYC, Kay L'Amour has been exposed to a huge melting pot of cultures that has been infused in her interpretation of songs which can be appreciated and adored for years to come. She currently lives in Queens, NY where her love for music and inspiration for the spirit of life can easily be captured in her lyrics through her everyday living in this wonderful city. Kay L'Amour truly enjoys what she does because of the unique creativity and incredible inspiration which flows through her, touches her life as well as others. This love for songwriting is infused in every song. She is ecstatic about her continuous growth and exploration of new ideas and visions for her fast-growing career. Kay L'Amour is a true visionary. Sometimes she can just hear a tune and create a song and sometimes she can receive melodies in her dreams and bring them to life. Her goal is to have people relate to her songs; whether it is to uplift someone or just make a person smile; she wants to touch the lives of others. It is her life’s passion.

Her creativity does not stop there. Kay L'Amour's many talents include painting, crafts, and editorials. She Co-founded and launched “West Indian Soul” magazine in 2004; created and established Carnival Essence, LLC in 2006 for Caribbean carnival style dolls and masks; recently designed and produced costumes for the 2016 West Indian/American Day Parade on Labor Day in NYC. As you can see, Kay L'Amour’s talents are endless. Her new, fresh look at the world and the way her creative mind works will wow you and inspire you, no matter where you are in your walk of life.

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The multi-faceted, creative force, Kay L'Amour (born Shakellia Augustine), has burst into the music industry and is taking it by storm. From her sweet, soulful ballads and melodies to party jumping lyrics, Kay L'Amour has captivated loyal listeners from around the world. Her creative lyrics capture your mind, your soul, and your heart. She makes you get lost in the story that is told through some of her thought provoking songs. Simultaneously, some of her other exciting, high tempo songs make you get out of your seat and dance. Her genuine ability to take you on a journey through a wide range of emotions just by listening to her incredible lyrics shows this talented songwriter’s true versatility in her craft.

Kay L'Amour’s journey into the music industry started at a young, tender age. She loved music so much that she started writing poems and songs in Middle School. She performed an original song in a college talent competition and received many accolades. Her fascination for song construction and writing creatively were not the only reasons that this early development started. She fell in love with how songs made her feel and how they touched the spirit of others. Kay L'Amour decided to pursue a career in songwriting in 2010. It was during that time, the birth of her first soca song “What Yuh Come Out For?” exploded on the scene. The song won in a fierce competition called “Pump It or Dump It” on the popular New York radio station WBLS. Her talents spread through a wide variety of genres which include but are not limited to soca, calypso, R&B, inspirational, and children’s songs.